Put your past in order

With all the rainy days we’ve had lately, I’ve been able to find the time to really dig into organizing and purging old documents from our filing cabinet. It’s times like these I honestly find myself questioning my sanity, why on Earth do we keep the things we keep?

Tonight, we were able to light a bonfire and burn paperwork we don’t need, but can’t just toss because they contain private info, account numbers, etc. While doing so, I found myself reflecting on a quote I read in the Konmarie Method about organizing.


Getting your things in order really is an incredible form of self care. It’s a way to not only recognize where you’ve been and how far you’ve come, but an amazing way to literally remove some of the weight of your past. We reflected on income when we first got married (ha! How did we survive??), I got rid of paperwork from an old, emotionally draining job, we got rid of reminders of toxic time periods…and even reminders of toxic people! It felt amazing!

When’s the last time you organized and purged some of the documented weight of the past? It seems we store so much, both emotionally and in the “things” we keep. Sometimes it’s a nice feeling to just let go of the papers of our past and watch it burn. Fire is a symbol of renewal, I can’t help but think how fitting a bonfire is for a task like this.

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