Local Resources

Here are a few local resources I recommend if you find that I may not be the right therapist for you or perhaps, self pay just isn’t an option right now. It’s ok, finding a therapist is a little like Cinderella, you have the find the right fit! There’a nothing wrong with that! Start with some of these, and maybe ask a trusted friend for some help. A little support goes a long way.

NAMI Pinellas County

NAMI Help Line:  Offers free information, referrals and support to people living with mental health conditions, family members and caregivers, mental health providers and the public providing.  NAMI Help Lines can be contacted by phone or email and are operated by NAMI Volunteers.  With every call and email, Help Lines strive to help others move closer to recovery or meet the needs of a loved one providing care and support. Click here to visit the NAMI Pinellas County website. The NAMI Pinellas County Help Line can be reached by calling 727-791-3434, the Peer Support Help Line can be reached at 727-600-5838 , Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m., ET or email us at helpline@nami-pinellas-fl.org

Network Of Christian Counselors Logo

Network of Christian Counselors Logo

The Network of Christian Counselors (NCC) began over 30 years ago as a Church-based ministry. Licensed counselors provided strength and support to the church by addressing the needs of the hurting and encouraging personal, emotional and spiritual growth within the church body.”

The Network of Christian Counselors meets in Pinellas County Florida and offers a Find a Counselor feature on their website to locate local Christian Counselors, licensed therapists and life coaches practicing locally.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a great place to search for a therapist near you, especially if you require using insurance coverage. You can search by county, city, and even sort by specialty or other preferences. Jessica’s Psychology Today profile can be found here. Where you see that a therapists is “verified” by Psychology Today, it means they’ve confirmed:

 The name and contact details of the professional

 That the professional’s license, if applicable, is valid within the state in which they practice

 That the professional is not subject to any license strictures preventing practice


For free or more affordable resources for low income needs, “Family Resources offers individual and family counseling that provides a clear path to resolution. Family crisis intervention addresses the issues that led to the crisis (including regularly missing school, running away from home, and displaying unmanageable behaviors) and then assesses the likelihood of future problems…In addition to Family Counseling, Family Resources also provides individual counseling for children and teens ages 6 to 17.”