15 Minutes Consultation – Free

I offer a free 15 minute consultation if you’d like to ask a few questions and hear more. Go ahead and click here if you’d like to schedule!

Rate Individual/*Couples/Family Counseling Session $125 per clinical hour (approx 50-55 minutes).

Sliding scale available, based on household income ($75-$125); please let me know if you are a full time college student, single parent or firefighter/police/military. I accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. I do not accept insurance at this time, however I am happy to provide a monthly bill of services if you’d like to request out of network reimbursement from your provider.

The American Psychological Association (APA) offers general information on mental health coverage that can be read here. *Please contact your insurance provider directly for detailed information on your out of network benefits/reimbursement processes, if applicable.

*Pre-Marital Counseling – As a Prepare-Enrich (P/E) facilitator, I understand that the idea of couples counseling can be intimidating. Even scheduling that first session can lead to a little bit of anxiety; What are we going to talk about? What if things get worse? What if we fight the whole time? What if I’m the only one to that talks? The Prepare-Enrich assessment offers an objective look at a multitude of different areas together, some you may not have even considered talking about! For many couples, it often acts as a spring board to eventually jump into other topics you might be holding onto. Here is a brief snapshot of topics from the website:

“P/E covers various areas within the relationship including communication, conflict resolution, finances, and spiritual beliefs. In addition, the assessment will explore your personality, family of origin, and relationship dynamics…P/E will help you celebrate your strengths as a couple and use them to gain momentum in the growth areas of your relationship.” If you’d like to read more about this evidenced-based approach, please click here. There are some circumstances where I may not feel Prepare-Enrich is the most appropriate approach based on the goals of the couple or the predominate issue that led to counseling; this will be discussed more with you as a couple at your first session. 

Couples Counseling/Perinatal Couples Counseling

For traditional couples counseling, I use an eclectic approach based on the couple’s unique needs. I most often utilize the Gottman Method and am a Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator. The Gottman Method uses researched-based interventions focused on 3 specific areas which include: friendship, conflict management and creating what the Gottman’s called “shared meaning”. To read more about the Gottman Method, click here.

E-Therapy/Telehealth – If transportation, time, or your location is a barrier to meeting face-to-face, online counseling services are available for Florida residents.

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